Pricing is based on the average amount of time that it takes to respond to and communicate with a couple, prepare a customized or standard ceremony, travel time, waiting time, time for the rehearsal, time for the ceremony.  All of that time has value. 

If you care about custom vows, want input to the ceremony, options to choose from, consider a CUSTOM ceremony.  If you just want someone to show up on the reserved date and perform a standard ceremony, choose STANDARD.

NO CUSTOMIZATION other than your names.
The reason this option is cheaper is that it requires less of my time in planning and communication.   You will simply tell me whether you want a  standard religious or civil (non-religious) ceremony.  You may also choose your own readings, poetry and arrange for musical selections.

January – March   Ceremony $125.   Additional $100. for rehearsal.
April – December  Ceremony $175.   Additional $125. for rehearsal.

While a rehearsal is not required, it is recommended if the wedding party includes more than 4 people standing up with you (2 each) and the guest list is more than 75.   See note below about including young children in your wedding party.

In a custom ceremony, you can review a variety of vows,  exchange of rings, other elements like blessing of families, unity candle and readings.   You may use various options as they are, you may revise or write your own.  When you are finished, you email me the results in a Word document, PDF or email,  and I will prepare the Custom Ceremony based on your choices.  You must also choose between religious and non-religious.

January – March Ceremony – $225.   Additional $150. for rehearsal.
April – December Ceremony – $275.   Additional $200. for rehearsal.

While a rehearsal is not required, it is recommended if the wedding party includes more than 4 people standing up with you (2 each) and the guest list is more than 75.

If you are considering involving a child under 5 years of age, think again.  I have seen young children completely turn the ceremony into chaos because they cannot stand quietly.   If you are being pressured to involve young children, simply say no.  Your ceremony is too important to have it hijacked by a tired, cranky child.  He/she and YOU will be much happier.

Regardless of which ceremony, mileage expense is required. We donate 30 miles one way or 60 miles* of travel.  Beyond 60 miles RT, the mileage expense is based on the IRS figure of 50 cents for business travel.  Figure the distance from the OK state capitol ROUND TRIP to the wedding location, subtract 60 miles, multiply the remaining amount by $.50.* That is what is owed for mileage expense.

If you schedule a rehearsal the day before the wedding, then mileage is figured the same way, with no 60 mile discount.    *Subject to change depending on rising gas prices.

The maximum mileage/gas charge for 2019 is $160 per round trip, anywhere in Oklahoma. 

Full advance payment is required.  We take  cash or credit cards via Pay Pal.  You do not need a Pay Pal account, any major credit card will work.   After the deposit to hold the date, the remaining payment is due no later than the day before the wedding .  I will invoice you for the remaining amount including a 3% PayPal fee.  If you are paying cash, you may pay me the day of the wedding and there is no PayPal fee. 

Either party may cancel the agreement.  If your plans change, you forfeit your Reservation Deposit.  All other money will be refunded.  If I have to cancel because of a major life event (family/health emergency, natural distaster, etc),  a full refund will be issued.  To date, I have never cancelled on a wedding.

$50. deposit per date (one for wedding, one for rehearsal)   Deposit is non-refundable if your plans change.  All other money will be refunded.  An additional 3% PayPal fee will be added for those who use credit cards.

See FAQ #7 regarding bartering.

*All travel expenses subject to change