1.  What kind of ceremonies do you do?  Christian (religious) or Civil (non-religious).

Any of my religious ceremony options would be appropriate for Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, United Church of Christ, Lutherans, Pentecostal, Evangelical, Interfaith or non-denominational.

The non-religious options are appropriate for those who are not Christians or not practicing their faith.

I am not a priest so cannot perform a Roman Catholic ceremony.  I have however co-officiated ceremonies with a priest where the bride and groom were Roman Catholic and Protestant.   The priest usually does the vows, I  usually do the homily or meditation and/or readings. If you do most of the planning with the priest, my fees would be reduced in this situation.

2.  Do you perform same-sex marriage ceremonies?   Yes.

3.  Do you attend the rehearsal dinner or reception?  Invitation to a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception is not expected nor necessary.

4.  Do you take credit cards?  Yes.  Full payment is required in advance.  You do not need to have a PayPal account, any major credit card  will work.

5.  Refunds.   Either party may cancel the agreement.  If your plans change, you forfeit your  Reservation Deposit.  All other money will be refunded.   If I have to cancel due to a family emergency, health crisis, or act of God, a full refund will be issued.  To date, I have never cancelled on a wedding.

 6.  Reservation:  $50. deposit per date (one for wedding, one for rehearsal).   You lose this deposit if your plans change. All other money will be refunded.

7.  What is the travel expense:   We donate 60 miles* of travel.  The mileage expense is based on the IRS figure of 50 cents per mile for business travel.   Figure the round trip distance from the OK state capitol to the wedding location.   Subtract 60 miles, multiply the remaining amount by $.50.* That is what is owed for mileage expense.  If you reserve a rehearsal on the previous day, mileage is figured the same way except NO 60 mile discount.  This should be included in your advance payment.  (*Subject to change depending on rising gas prices.)

If two round trips are required because of a rehearsal scheduled the day before the wedding, I may negotiate on 1 nite lodging expense after the rehearsal. In other words, if the travel time is more than 3 hours RT, overnight lodging after the rehearsal is suggested. No second round trip expense would be necessary then.

Maximum mileage expense for 2019-20,  is $200.  anywhere in Oklahoma.

If out of state travel is required, you will be responsible for  reasonable air fare reimbursement.  If an overnight stay is necessary,  reimbursement for a hotel room that is clean and safe.

 8.  Do you barter?   On occasion, I have bartered my services for other services or goods.  If you are interested in this option, tell me what you have that is of comparable value to consider.      

9.  Are there any locations that you would refuse?  I will pass on sky diving, scuba diving and shotgun weddings.  Run anything else by me that has a risk factor.  If there is a mother or father that is highly stressed, let me know that too (my wicked sense of humor showing here.)