Wedding Budget: how much to spend?

Whether you have little or plenty of time to plan or save for the wedding, KEEP IT SIMPLE. No matter who is paying for the wedding, do NOT spend more than you can pay for in advance. In other words, do not put a bunch of expenses on a credit card to pay for the wedding AFTER the occasion comes … [Read more...]

Compatibility Is Important

Compatibility is a big factor in the success or longevity of a relationship.  Before you get married, consider the importance of the following issues. (1)    What is her/his use of alcohol, drugs or porn?  A problem now is a big problem later.  (2)    What are his/her bad habits?  Are there … [Read more...]

Wedding Ceremony: religious or nonreligious

Planning your wedding ceremony provides a great opportunity to reflect on one’s faith and beliefs.  Surprisingly, many couples seek to be married by a minister but don’t attend worship or have ties to a congregation of faith. When a couple comes to me and we begin talking about what kind of … [Read more...]