An Affordable or Cheap Wedding

If you are looking for an affordable or cheap wedding, these are some suggestions. Keep your total guest list and wedding party to a limit of 50. Invite close family and friends only. The larger your guest list, the larger your expenses will be: food, drink, venue, decorations, etc. For those … [Read more...]

Choosing Your Wedding Officiant

I have been honored to officiate at a lot of weddings in the past 30 years.  When choosing your wedding officiant, please keep the following in mind. (1)     Be cautious of those who have received their “ordination” online from a website.  While the online organization may give an individual the … [Read more...]

Wedding Budget: how much to spend?

Whether you have little or plenty of time to plan or save for the wedding, KEEP IT SIMPLE. No matter who is paying for the wedding, do NOT spend more than you can pay for in advance. In other words, do not put a bunch of expenses on a credit card to pay for the wedding AFTER the occasion comes … [Read more...]