Before You Get Married

Before you get married, there are at least five things to consider about the person you want to marry.  The following questions may help you determine whether your fiance’ or partner is a good match for you.  Compatibility depends on interests, values and priorities.

(1) Does he/she believe in monogamy?  Does he/she think it is possible to stay faithful to one person?

(2) Are they a spender or saver?  How much debt does she/he have?  How does she/he manage their money?  Do you want to be responsible for the other’s debt as well as your own?   Are you okay with someone else spending your money?

(3) Is she/he comfortable with intimacy and affection: physical and psychological?  Has the other let you into their “inner sanctum” or is there a barrier?

(4) Is the other interested in having children?  Why or why not?  This is important to resolve before getting married.  Do not expect that the other will change their mind later.  I kid you not.

(5) What kind of work ethic does your fiancé have?  Does he or she miss a lot of work, jump from job to job?  It may not be important now but it will be when money is tight and bill collectors are  threatening to disconnect the utilities, cable and internet.  The loss of cable and internet can make some break out into a cold sweat.  I kid you not.

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